CEO Announcement

We are thrilled to announce Kianna Barker as our Centre’s new Chief Executive Officer.

With a strong connection to Hedland and the Pilbara, spanning 12 years, she has journeyed from grassroots programs to leading a team of dedicated professionals in the realm of preventive health and disease prevention. Her passion lies in enhancing regional and remote healthcare, with a particular focus on women’s well-being. Recognising the challenges of accessing services in remote areas, she is devoted to leading sustainable solutions as part of the dynamic Hedland Well Women’s Centre team.

“The Hedland Well Women’s Centre holds a unique place in the hearts of women and families who have been part of our community. Its encompassing approach offers an open, welcoming space, providing tailored healthcare and responsive programs. This impact resonates far beyond the centre’s walls, often touching lives during times of great need.”

Kianna envisages a future where all women have unobstructed access to comprehensive health services, underpinned by collaboration and partnerships. The Hedland Well Women’s Centre has a rich history within our community, brimming with sustainable initiatives. Kianna’s role involves not only sustaining these services but also charting new paths to address evolving needs, ensuring safety and support along the way.

She views empowerment through the Hedland Well Women’s Centre, serving as a strong launchpad for women, providing them the tools, resources, and encouragement they need to elevate their health and overall well-being. Through inclusive support and connections to a variety of programs and services, women can embark on transformative journeys with confidence.

“What truly sets the Hedland Well Women’s Centre apart is its remarkable adaptability. It navigates gaps in regional services by offering a holistic tapestry of care that caters to women at every juncture of their journey. This distinctive approach not only fills a void but also creates an empowering platform for women’s health and well-being.”

We look forward to Kianna’s leadership and passion for the future of the Centre.

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