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The Centre provides a free service that offers support for women in all aspects of their lives and is often referred to as a ‘Home Away from Home.’  

In caring for women the Hedland Well Women’s Centre is caring for the health of families and the Hedland community. We celebrate our dedicated support of the health and well-being of women in our town for the past 28 years.

Our service engages over 12,000 women, children and visitors each year. You are welcomed and cared for in an open, non-judgmental atmosphere and confidentiality is assured at all times. Our staff take a holistic approach to women’s issues focusing on physical, emotional, social and mental health.

Our programs and services are open to all women living in or visiting the Hedland area. Dedicated staff are supported by a volunteer Board of Management made up of 12 local women. 

Many of the Centre’s activities are run in collaboration with other service providers. The Well Women’s Centre pride themselves in working collectively and with the community on achieving better outcomes for the great town in which we live. 

Our funding and support comes from the State Government Health Department and locally through the BHP community partnership.

To view our Constitution please click on the below link