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You may have noticed we have been quiet in recent days in the public arena, as like everyone we navigate this changing world and the pandemic that is COVID-19.

The Well Women’s Centre have taken the changes within the last week within our stride as we have seen so many within our community do. We continue to remain proud to be part of such a supportive community.

Our staff, volunteers and clients within our space have all taken a moment to breathe and check in on each other. During this time, it’s something we can all do with.

We understand this time has been unsettling, there has been a plethora of information streaming therefore the last thing we want to do is flood everyone with more. However, there are some things we want our community to know for the coming months and beyond.

Our Priorities

  • First and foremost, the safety and well-being of our team and community. This includes well-being in all facets. Not just are we committed to keeping physically well and taking all preventative measures to make this happen, but recognising the impact this is having and is going to have on a greater scale. Our commitment is to be offering our assistance as best we can through this time and ensuring that we are all staying mentally and emotionally well.
  • Coming together in unity to support and problem solve around the challenges we are faced with as a society and as a service.
  • Standing firm in our vision and our values of Connecting, empowering and advocating for women safely. We do this through fostering support, acceptance, credibility, leadership and heart. This means we don’t always get it right but we authentically and genuinely care about our people so will continue to aim for this.  
  • Providing quality services and programs and achieving positive health and well-being outcomes for our clients
  • Staying within our scope and boundaries whilst following directives from official sources such as health and government
  • Staying informed and up to date with the most recent information so we can respond not in a reactive way but in a considered and well informed fashion

What we have been doing

  • Reviewing our current operations and implemented best practices for infectious control
  • Our team have been conducting training in infectious control through the health department 
  • Taken steps to set up our team to work remotely and to be available virtually
  • Installed a brand new Video Conferencing set up in our board room. This was made possible thanks to working closely with Ngala and BHP so we could provide a linked in service to parenting solutions. We are very lucky that the steps for this were taken prior to recent events and we can now take advantage of this option for many of our connections.
  • The most important work we have been doing is coming together as a team to talk, de brief and brainstorm practical ways we can provide support to our community.

What you will see going forward

  • All counselling and support sessions will begin offering telephone or video-conferencing options to all clients.
  • All our members will be contacted personally so we can ensure you are ok and ask how we can support in this time
  • All Visitors to the Centre meeting with these requirements will be required to practice social distancing, hand washing hygiene and all seating arrangements will be 4m2.
  • The telephone lines and emails will continue to operate as usual offering information and support to clients and responding to all enquiries and new referrals during our usual business hours of 8.30am to 4.30pm on   Monday – Thursday and 8.30am to 3.30pm Fridays.
  • Excitingly we are currently putting together a new and interactive website. We are also setting up many of our programs and workshops to happen virtually. WATCH THIS SPACE!

What can you do

  • Continue to reach out to us for the support and contact that you may need
  • Keep watching through all our online avenues, phone and email to stay in touch with what we are doing and providing
  • We have adopted some practical steps for responding to this crisis and we want to share them with you. Thanks to DR Russ Harris, author of the Happiness Trap and for Dr David Hamilton from the Australian Counselling Association.

= Focus on what’s in your control

= Acknowledge your thoughts & feelings

= Come back into your body

= Engage in what you’re doing

= Committed action

= Opening up

= Values

= Identify resources

= Disinfect & distance

Also remember during this time to smile and practice compassion and kindness, it goes a long way and it’s something this town does well, so keep it up Women and people of Hedland. Don’t be strangers and remember we are still here for you. 

Rebekah Worthington


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