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For many women making Hedland home can be an adjustment. Most of the time having come from a metropolitan environment and have often traveled interstate or inter country.


In your home environment you may have been strongly connected to family, friends and their community and have left these behind. Moving to Port Hedland maybe the first time living outside that environment.

Adjustment can be difficult especially when partners work long hours and the environment and climate is harsh. Even for those who have settled well , the transient nature of the town means regularly saying goodbye to friends, and after a while it might feel like it is simpler to give up rather than start again.

It is too easy for women to become isolated and relationships strained resulting in anxiety and depression. The Well Women’s counselling statistics reflect the majority presenting with issues of stress, relationships and anxiety.

We strongly believe women who are connected and not socially isolated stay and create strong communities. We believe that by supporting women in this town we are contributing to healthy relationships and happier community members. We have seen many women not connected and supported unfortunately leave, and the town loses families and skilled workers and the community as a whole suffers.

Hedland can be an awesome community to be a part of and the Well Women’s Centre enjoy supporting women and families and assisting them in making Hedland Home.

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