Pink Pilbara Breakfast 2021

The CEO with support of the Hedland Well Women’s Centre Board of Management have made an operational decision to place the 2021 Pink Pilbara Breakfast event on hold. The event, its purpose and its strategic vision will be re-assessed for 2022.

This decision has not been made lightly and has been decided due to a number of contributing factors. The main reason is largely due to the Pink Pilbara Breakfast’s success in recent years specifically in 2020. Thanks to this success and funds already raised, Hedland Well Women’s Centre (HWWC) is able to continue supporting Hedland locals by providing cancer support. HWWC is committed to this service until the Pink Pilbara Breakfast event is again evaluated in 2022.


In 2018 the organisation made the decision to support local people through its annual fundraiser.  The Pink Ribbon breakfast became the Pink Pilbara Breakfast (PPB) with a vision to support our local community. It is a decision the organisation stands by and is proud of. What we underestimated was the commitment, dedication, heart and accomplishment possible within this amazing Hedland community.

It has been a successful flow on affect since this decision with the community involvement and funds raised increasing each year. As a result of this success HWWC has been able to explore services in the area of cancer support for our own Hedland community members. Increasing the services and support available. Thanks to the $77,000 raised at the 2020 event we have been able to continue the exploration and development of this support which was not available in Port Hedland previously.

Operation considerations

In 2021 HWWC celebrate its 30th year of operation. Part of this celebration is recognition and reflection of the substantial growth and change of the organisation over this time especially in its recent years or organisational life.

As a result of progress, the organisation continues to respond and implement operational, and foundational changes to improve the supporting infrastructure required to sustain its growth. Candidly, the Pink Pilbara Breakfast has become a bigger success than the organisation is currently prepared for.

In order for the PPB to continue in 2021, it would require large commitment of in kind support and resources from HWWC. In addition, taking into consideration administrative duties, the development of the cancer service, scheduling of HWWC community events and programs in 2021, the potential of another successful event, and careful risk assessments. Ultimately upon reviewing all of the above mentioned the organisation is not prepared this year to take the risk of asking the community for funding until more foundations are laid.

Cancer Support

HWWC stay committed to seeing this gap within the community filled. We continue to carefully utilise the money raised to further support families in Hedland affected by cancer. This development will continue through 2021.

Future Opportunity

Looking forward there now is so much opportunity for involvement and reassessment of the PPB and how it will continue into the future. The volunteer and steering committee will continue to run throughout 2021 with involvement in its strategic direction and future events.

Our community

We are grateful for this incredible community and all of our volunteers and stake holders who have supported us and continue to support us in the change we wish to see for the people of Hedland. It has blown us away – the love, support and dedication we have had from so many over this time. Thank you


Rebekah Worthington, CEO

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